In 2012 a change of direction was signalled and Vic & Di visited Turkey to ‘walk the land’ and to try to discern what the Lord was inviting them to be part of. On their first trip in July 2012 they visited Christian fellowships in Selçuk and Antalya, returning to the UK with a conviction that Antalya was to be the stepping-stone into Turkey.

In October 2013 Vic & Di revisited Antalya and began preparing plans to move to Turkey.

In January 2015 Vic & Di stepped down as Trustees of Open Kingdom, handing over the running of the charity to the Board of Trustees. In March 2015 they relocated to Antalya and successfully applied for resident status. They are currently members of the St Paul Union International Church, based in the Old City (Kale İçi).


Vic & Di 2

Vic & Di outside St Paul’s Cultural Centre

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