Open Kingdom was established as a ministry and as a charity following an invitation to Nigeria in May 2005. Vic & Di Whittaker had been invited by Emmanuel Kure of Throne Room Ministries to be present at the commissioning of the new Prayer Cathedral in Kafanchan, Nigeria.

1 Pastor Paul & Justine Nchinde (Seed and Harvest Ministries)During their time in Nigeria they met Pastor Paul Nchinde from Cameroon, who invited them to visit his country, which they did the following year, 2006. During their visit to Foumbot, Cameroon, the base of Paul & Justine Nchinde’s “Seed and Harvest Ministries’, they saw the pressing need for clean drinking water, and before returning to England presented Pastor Nchinde with a small financial gift to sponsor the construction of a fresh water well in one of the villages.

On returning to the UK, in conversation with others, it became apparent that both individuals and small groups of people wanted to provide funds for further wells, so a programme of speaking engagements, fund-raising and well construction began. To facilitate this for commercial sponsors it was decided to register the work with the Charity Commission under the name of Open Kingdom.

2 Baligham well no.1Between 2006 and 2011, 43 wells were built in 20 villages in the Northwest of Cameroon, in addition to providing refurbished computer systems and sewing machines to enable training of local unemployed women, and supporting a young woman through college. Vic and Di visited Cameroon a number of times during this period to see the work and support the ministry of Paul & Justine Nchinde.

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